Friday, 17 June 2011

Suit of FBI - "Whoops..wrong house, sorry about the door, the guns and er..umm..."

A week ago I posted a story (here) about a California man who's house was raided in the early morning by Feds looking for his wife, based on her outstanding Student Debt Loans. She wasn't living there but in the dawn raid, the coppers saw fit to beat down the man's door and cuff and toss him for 6 hours in the back seat of a cruiser...etc....etc...etc....(insert scared to fuck kids, confused ex-husband, over-caffeinated coppers)

Well, today it looks like the Feds are at it again. This time, the FBI apparently can't bother to obtain or read rental agreements, do basic surveilance OR it would seem, to adhere to the constraints of their own damn search warrants.

Not actual raid. These guys are OUTSIDE the house.
Way to go American Government. Making the streets safer, on constitutional blunder at a time.....
A Bellevue, Pennsylvania man is suing a dozen FBI agents for allegedly violating his and his family's constitutional rights when their home was wrongfully raided by agents wielding assault rifles.

The Pittsburg Tribune-Review reported that FBI agents used a battering ram to enter Gary Adams' rented home in search of a former resident who was charged with being part of a drug gang.

The agents had an arrest warrant, but no warrant to search the premises.

His fifty-eight-year old wife Denise Adams described the raid as "terrifying."

The suspect, Sondra Hunter, hadn't lived at that address for almost two years.

Adams lawsuit, filed Wednesday, alleged that the wrongful raid violated his and his family's Fourth Amendment right to be free from unlawful search and seizure, and their Fifth Amendment right to due process. The lawsuit added that the FBI officers knew, or should have known, that Hunter had not lived there for some time.

"They had guns on my wife, my babies," he told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "I'd like to know how they would feel if that happened to them."

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