Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Do NOT watch this if you don't like heights !!

The CN Tower was, for almost 30 years, the world's tallest free standing structure. Now you can strap on a harness and live out your wildest dreams (or nightmares).

You and up to eight of your closest daredevils get to strap on harnesses, step out onto a 5ft. wide platform some 356m above the ground (1168ft. or 116 stories) above the ground. You then proceed to walk around the perimeter of the tower which'll take you 20-30 minutes.

Now if you haven't yet soiled yourself and are looking for more, you can even lean out into open space, suspended by a wire alone.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, starting Aug 1, 2011, this can all be yours for the princely sum of $175 (clean underwear not included).

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