Monday, 13 June 2005

Finally, Prez Bush let's the world know what he thinks of global opinion regarding the USA ! Posted by Hello

A friend of mine who lives in souther New Zealand sent this to me. "Southern Lights" of the prettiest things to watch if you ever get a chance ! Posted by Hello

$800 Canadian for this ?!?

Yes, for a mere $800 Canadian you too can have something that will end up being the most expensive floppy disk / flash drive & datebook replacement in history !! Granted, it looks nice, probably has a lot of kewl features and will even check your email, but get serious PALM...people buy old cars, week long vacations, entire computer systems for the same price as this....gadget !!

Drop the cost to something about half what you're charging and then we're looking at something people can afford and WILL buy !Posted by Hello