Sunday, 17 September 2006

A Sunday's Observations

I was suffering from lack of sleep and over caffination (double/double for that morning kick to consciousness) as I skimmed through the Star at the local Timmothy's coffeeplace. The usual articles about the Film Festival, Sports, SoDuku (I have no idea why people play this ! ) etc.

A few hundred women were milling around oooohing over wood and metal trinkets at the local antique show while their neutered men stood flaccid holding purses, coats, kids but certainly not wallets.

Me, I tried to put that insanity out of my head, stared at the paper and the occasional nice ass that sauntered by.

One note to women, don't wear jeans without back pockets..they throw off our appreciation of your anatomy. Legs melding to buttocks is great nekkid but in jeans, you ain't showing nothing visually but a long line, and no man I know wants to grab a hold of a flat board ! Pockets define the roundness, a visual cue. We all know the size of a jeans poket and therefore can superimpose our hand in that space. Women you'll be equally stifled by the thought of men wearing kilts everyday. Flat screen tech is great for TV but not for clothes !