Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Econo-Election-Manic Depression

Four straight days of stocks in freefall, unemployment's up to 9.1%, Moody's and other ratings agencies are threatening a downgrade in US Debt, WH economic advisor is resigning, Obama's pick for a seat on the Fed just caved in his bid, foreclosures are up, home prices are down, gas is soaring and gold's so high, people are eyeing grandma's fillings and rappers are cashing their caps !!

But fear not....it's the start of another 17 month election cycle where the Republicans will try to convince the voters that the President has failed and needs to be replaced with (pick one of the following)

1. A centrist who implemented Obama-Care before Obama but has discovered the flip flop
2. A former speaker who left politics for a while, along with a few wives & mistresses, found god, got chided by his own party for making sense and has gone back and started drinking the kool-aid again
3. An almost-ran billionaire real estate/hair rug mogul loudmouth with nothing to offer but birther crap who's 15 minutes are (thankfully) up
4. A series of un-inspiring quacks that always come out of the woodwork
5. The Mama-Grizzly who's gone on an undeclared "walkabout" bus tour leading the press along like a dog in heat, without any discernible destination (or sense of American history it seems) except folksy photo-ops

Mind you, the Democrats aren't faring any better.
As much as I would like to see the Dem's hang on to the WH and regain Congress, they're no better when this is an example of their A-Team players past and present.

1. The incumbent who apparently got the Nobel for being black (or maybe latte is more apt) and representing as yet unfulfilled dreams
2. A recent up'n comer (sorry) who's "junk-shot" Twitter "I'm a congressman let's have cyber sex...it's not illegal" photo disaster was a blow to his family, his future, his party and his constituents (sorry for the visual)
3. A former candidate who's just been indicted for Campaign Finance shenanigans after cheating on his dying wife, fathering a child and then lying at every opportunity while asking an aide to stand in

A few weeks ago we were all supposed to be raptured, instead I think we're all going to get royally ruptured and we've still got 17 months of the silliness to go. In the meantime, everything in the first paragraph of this post is just going to keep getting worse.

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