Thursday, 16 June 2011

On Behalf of all Canadians....Congratulations and....Sorry !!

Unlike about 99.9% of my fellow Canadians, I am not a huge Hockey fan.

Yes, I know, it's out National Sport (sorry Lacrosse, I know you are officially it but really..) and as such, I should know the names and stats of every person who's ever laced up a pair of skates in the NHL. Ain't happening.

Hockey is to Canada what Soccer is to Brazil. Part religion, part sport and all National identity. But that being said, I just couldn't ever get my head around it. Sure, I've been to games, I cheer during the Olympics and I honestly expect us to win internationally every time because I don't know better...So there, the mea-culpa is done with.

Lastnight's Game 7 rout, blowout, beat-down of Vancouver by Boston was a National tragedy I'm told. Some kind of psychic wound felt at a very deep emotional level. Collectively we had our hopes riding on a Canadian team bringing home the Stanley Cup and instead Vancouver basically cratered.

Now I can understand the fans being disappointed, sad, upset and even really friggin' pissed off but what happened right after the game was a disgrace.

People pouring out of the arena rioted. Now Vancouver seems to have a particular fascination with this form of public behaviour. As I recall, there were in the last decade, riots over Hockey, the Olympics and a Concert. Windows get smashed, cars get torched, noses bloodied and arrests made.

Admit it people. The Cannucks lost to a better team. It's not as if they were cheated out of it by some crappy calls on the ice. They simply played a better team who quite frankly, kicked their asses !!

And over this Vancouver riots ?

So on behalf of all Canadians who're nursing a hangover and a grudge, Congratulations Boston. 39 years is a long time to wait for a championship. Trust me, I know, I live in Toronto. As for the city of Vancouver, sorry about the mess but I'm sure it was the beer eh ?

And for those pinheads who actually participated in last night's stupidity, keep it up ya friggin snapperheads. Next thing ya know,we'll get lumped in with British Soccer fans if ya keep this crap up...

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