Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Hey NASA, Egypt & Tunisia....Chill Out !!

Here's a little tidbit to gnaw on over the summer. (click the post title for a link to the original story)

You know how it gets hot in the summertime right ? In some places around the world, it gets really, really hot...I mean 120 in the shade...sweat dripping from places you'd rather it didn't...kinda hot...

Well, turns out that the US Military, with it's two ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq don't like the heat any more than you or I do, at least not that kinda heat. Soooo....what's their solution ? Just like you and I, they crank up the A/C. Now we all know that air conditioning is energy intensive. Your gas milage drops, your electricity bill climbs and god forbid you have the frost blasting while you've got the window open. Remember how your parents would freak out on you over that ?!?

Well.....the US Military is spending more on A/C for it's troops in Iraq & Afghanistan than.......
The entire budget of NASA or The total aid offered to fledgling democracies in Egypt and Tunisia promoting and supporting freedom where little existed 6 months ago.

Now they'll tell us that it's the cost of the fuel + the transport of the fuel + the other assorted infrastructure but come on !!
- That it's higher than NASA or Democracy
- It's $20 Billion. That's one helluva A/C bill AND it's one tiny budget for NASA or Democracy.

To top it all off, if the Pentagon would only insulate their tents & buildings, they could save upwards of 92% in fuel to run the A/C. They have done the studies, have the results, the technology is available and the ongoing bills are staggering. But so far, they just haven't twigged to the fact that they could save some gas/oil if only they closed a window or put up some foam insulation.... Secretary Gates or President Obama needs to only sign a one page memo to make it happen !!

Also, lets not forget that in those two countries, with populations of Tens of Millions, most citizens do without air conditioning (let alone refrigerated food, drinks etc..) and they've been living there for centuries !!

Yet this is the most advanced military of the most advanced nation on earth ?

Not to be glib about it but when you can save 92% of the fuel and a good chunk of the expense, hassle and grief but choose not to then something is wrong with your thinking.

I think about the impending loss of Hubble, the Shuttles, the leadership position in space exploration, the lost goodwill that could be generated in the muslim world, the promotion of free and fair elections, setting up true representative democracies and institutions where you had animosity only months before....

Guess I better chill out myself.......

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