Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mmmmmm.....Beer Candy. Finally, something to get the man on Valentines Day !!

We now have wonderful Beertaffy (tm). Beertaffy has great beer flavor and comes in IPA and Stout. You can buy a 1/2 pound bag with both flavors in it.  We also have delicious gourmet caramels are made with real craft beer. Soft and creamy, the rich flavors come through. Beercandy® makes a great gift! The caramels come in a beautiful royal blue, shiny box with gold accents. The flavor keys and descriptions of the candies are on the box's sides. The boxes of caramels come in 2 sizes. The 4-piece, like a sampler, has one of each flavor. The 12-piece box has 3 of each flavor. 
Attention! Some of the Caramels have run out. There are no more boxes of single flavor Stout. We are also out of Hopdrops at this time. We will be making more soon! Try the assorted caramels because they all taste great!  
Hopdrops™ are a surprising marriage of bitter and sweet.  These candies are flavored with real hop oil. The bags have two flavors in them: American Cascade and  British Fuggles.
Not sure which Beercandy® to give as a gift? Check out our guide to choosing beer and Beercandy® on the Beercandy® Land page. Or you could just choose an assortment!

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