Sunday, 5 June 2011

Saleh - Medical Care for Me....None for You !!

Yemeni President Saleh has reportedly been wounded in a recent artillery attack on a Mosque in his compound in Sanaa. Blaming the attack on an "outlaw gang" he managed to jet off to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment. Nice for him.........

See folks, if you're a dictatorial President, despite the fact that your country is one of the poorest in the world, you can jet off to a sympathetic country to get yourself patched up. 

Never mind the fact that the countrymen you've left behind have little or no access to even rudimentary medical care.  Never mind the fact that the citizens of your country are fighting for their freedoms, for their basic rights and ummmm....maybe a chance to one day have someone in your office who actually gives a rat's ass about how their lives are going.

But that's ok, you go off and fly to Riyadh, get yourself patched up. I'm sure while you're there you can do some house hunting. Lord knows the Saudi's will be more than gracious as hosts (as long as your money holds out). Ohh, and by the way, speaking of the money you've obviously stashed away for a "rainy day", it's not yours, it's the people's. I'm sure you were drawing a decent salary, lived in a nice palace, had servants and plenty of food to eat but didn't you notice the fact that your citizens are barely getting by ? Didn't you notice that your once proud country is now an international pariah ? Your people with centuries of history are now tearing themselves and the nation apart ?

If there was ever a time for a staph infection to set in, let this be it....

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