Sunday, 28 August 2011

A few rambings...war, strife and bugger all...

I'm incredibly lucky, I know that. I was raised and continue to live in a society where people are treated with a bit of respect (though I suggest you read a few other posts of mine).Our country & society has certain values that we seem to think inviolable, even for the potential repressors. an idiot, I turn on the TV news like an idiot....looking for answers....looking...looking......................Did I mention I'm optimistic ?

See, you're not as dumb as me !!

In Libya, they just found a morgue containing some 50-100 bodies. Now this building isn't in the middle of some freakin' never-never land. This was in Tripoli !! The bodies had apparently come in to a hospital as wounded people and they were left to, or expected to expire. So there they sat, rotting. I don't know who was in charge of the hospital, who controlled that "sector" of the city. I don't pretend to understand the level of chaos in the area but at the end of the day, someone left them there and didn't even bother with a burial, a card and likely even a freakin' sheet to cover the gore. From what little I know of Islam, this is a VERBOTTEN !

Then we have Mubarak (the last pharoh he thought of himself apparently) who is now laying on a gurney in a courtroom. The media is barred from accessing or covering the proceedings lest they make a mockery of justice. Sorry........I can't come up with better irony than that. It's priceless.

I saw on the BBC, the new interim finance minister of Tunisia who was reluctant to answer a question of "just how much money have you identified in other countires" (relating to the amount the frmr President "stole"). Sheesh, stupid question, cause you know you ain't gonna get a truthful answer and yet at the same time, a question the Tunisians want answered !! (By the way, the Ali family had squirreled away an apparent $5B according to the interview)

My point is this. We're replacing strong-men with newer-strong-men. Tunisia was a template, Egypt was a template and now Libya is the template. Let's all just sit back and watch as the money changes from one ruling elite to the new usurpers. After a time things will settle down and we'll be back to secret prisons, stifling speech, backroom deals with the West and Business As Usual.

I wonder if that guy who started this all by immolating himself in Tunisia ever imagined that his personal revolution would rest in the hands of sell-outs satisfied with platitudes and a few coins.

Saturday, 13 August 2011