Thursday, 3 February 2011

Haraam - It's time to STOP

Haraam (Arabicحرام‎) is defined by Wikipedia as an Arabic term meaning "forbidden". I'm not a Muslim but I did spend the early part of my childhood in Muslim countries so I do have a small understanding of the word. To quote Seyyed Hossein Nasr a prominent Islamic Philosopher

This word certainly applies to the actions of the Pro-Mubarak forces in Egypt who've taken to acts of calculated violence against their own countrymen. Protesters are getting shot, set alight by molitov cocktails, pelted by rocks, assaulted by roving gangs and NOBODY is doing a damn thing about it.
The people in Egypt who are engaging in acts of violence must stop. The governments in the West who are wringing their hands hoping for the status quo to resume must stop. Mubarak who is inflaming both sides by not accepting the people's resounding demands must stop. Israel who is helping to arm the Egyptian Security Forces must stop.

It's time for the world to recognize that when One Million Citizens march together, they represent the will of the people....PERIOD !! Their will must be accommodated. This is not some marginal group of radicals demanding something fanciful, this is everyday people demanding the basic rights that we are all entitled to. Jobs, security, freedom, liberty, pride and self determination.

Mr. Obama, Mr. Cameron, Ms. Merkel, Mr. Sarkozy, Mr. Putin & Mr. Medvedev, Mr. Harper, Mr. Ban Ki Moon, Mr. Hu Jintao and yes, even Mr. Netenyahu it's time to stop wringing your hands and make it clearly known that this is enough and that Mr. Mubarak has to go NOW. 

You've all said as much recently (read statements here) but actions are now required. You have it in your power to effect change immediately and it's time for you to lead.


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