Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Million to One

Tomorrow, Feb 1-2011 will see an estimated 1,000,000 people descend on Tahrir Square in Cairo in what many hope will be the culmination of 6 days of protests in a bid to force permanent change in their government. It's been a long 6 days with the Egyptian people becoming more bold and assertive in their demands for freedom, hope and change in their country. 30 years of sometimes brutal dictatorship has taken it's toll, the people have had enough and with almost a single voice they are demanding that Hosni Mubarak step down.

Regardless of what happens tomorrow in Cairo, Alexandria, Suez and all the other towns and cities throughout the country, the people of Egypt have taught us all what citizenship means. They have shown us that the will of the people is a powerful force. A force that can inspire citizens the world over and intimidate the governments who would ignore them. They have shown us the dignity of a people and the pettiness of our leaders.

Whatever the outcome tomorrow, we all owe a debt to the people of Egypt and Tunisia who've reminded us of what we take for granted everyday.

In sha Allah (God Willing)


  1. I am hoping you are right - Ravi

  2. There is a pharmacist whom i just saw this weekend from egypt working weekends on the Sunshine Coast and he misses Egypt but likes the coast better than Vancouver..... I wish I could speak with him today, I hope he is alright his family must love him a lot.
    Such sorrow i am constantly astounded by our everyday way's of being, frozen.


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