Saturday, 9 July 2011

Give us your money AND we'll F@CK you over.....

Recently a man in the US tried to cash a cheque and for his troubles, he lost his freedom, his job and his car.

It seems that the IRS (the US taxman) had given this guy a home buyer rebate which these blood suckers (Chase Bank) then converted into a cashier's cheque.

Now unless you've been living on the dark side of the moon, you know that a cashier's cheque is as good as gold. Sure, you gotta show a ton of ID to prove you're the payee but once that's established, you get your funds. 

Well, that's exactly what this guy did. He handed over his drivers license and a credit card proving his identity, that the cheque was his, it was his money, being cashed in the bank that issued the cheque to him in the first place etc..etc..etc..

Well, for reasons still unfathomable to any rational person, he was charged with trying to pass a bad cheque and was thrown in jail. Now while in jail, he obviously couldn't go to work and so he got fired from his job. His car, which had been sitting in the bank's parking lot was seized by the bank, towed away and auctioned off (over a weekend it seems) so now he's got no car. To top it all off, the bank has yet to apologize for any of it's actions. 

But I bet that somewhere on an American TV there's an ad from this freakin' bank claiming that they love their customers and want you to deposit with them...

I hope that this man sues the living bejesus out of them. I mean for MILLIONS. I want to see his ordeal highlighted on CNN, FOX and MSNBC !!

This guy lost his freedom, his livelihood, his vehicle and these blood sucking parasitical cocksu@kers can't even muster up a "whoops, my bad..." ? Then again, his name is Ikenna Njoku which in the USA seems to be enough to suspect him of something...afterall, you just can't trust them........


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