Sunday, 11 December 2005

When can we meet ?

Calendar's are probably the last thing people are wishing for nowadays. We all know that there are X days till Christmas. Or should I call it "The Holidays" just to piss off the conservative right


I've been using computers for one thing or another since I was about 14. In all that time, the most used application (besides email) has to be a daily planner (MS' Outlook with Palm). Now there are rumors that Google is thinking of releasing one. Something online, a webby day-timer, a way for me to actually plan my day sans laptop / PDA / Paper thingy (insert internet cafe plug here).

I only wish that Google would get off it's rump and finally release the thing ! Teasers are good for marketing, they build hype...but abortive teasers lead to frustration. How hard can it be to release the damned thing ? Microsoft did it, so did Yahoo..Is Google looking to trump someone else or is Google merely looking to time this for Xmas ?


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