Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Quintus (2002 - 2011)

For people with pets in their lives, this is the hardest of days. Earlier this morning, Quintus, our family's daschund was put to rest after being with us for only 9 years.

Those of you who knew Quint will remember his love of all things food related, his fearlessness, his slow and almost ambling saunter as he strolled along on his walks. Usually with his head buried looking for a snack..I mean just in case.....

He was a great companion and if you asked anyone in my family, he wasn't a dog, no sir...He was a PEOPLE!!

Quint became gravely ill with a shocking suddenness and though it proved ultimately fatal, we can be thankful that he didn't suffer and wasn't in any pain. Put plainly, he just faded.

So with a sad heart, I would like to share a few of my favorite pictures of Quint that I've taken over the years. He was a happy little guy, though he sure weighed a TON as some of you may know. He was always happy enough to go and mooch a treat from anyone who happened along, or a nice back scratch if no food was in the offing.

I would've posted some photos of Quint wearing his winter sweaters but to be honest, they aren't all that flattering, he invariably sank up to his chest in the snow and I'm sure his vanity would demand that we remember him at his best, which was frequent.

He knew no fear of other dogs and was known for giving shit to anyone, two legged or four, who entered HIS park. I still don't think that he knew how funny it was to see him give holy hell to a Rotweiler, Great Dane or German Shepherd but that was him. And more times than not, he got his way and THEY ran from him.

Quint leaves behind his remaining furry four legged room mates who are even now unsure of where he is and just what's happened. It's hard to explain to a cat or dog where their buddy has gone and that everything'll be all right. It's hard to get my own head around it to be honest, those of us who got to know him will take some time to adjust ourselves.

Quintus, you will be missed. 

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