Saturday, 5 March 2011

Land of the Free and Home of the Oppressed

Let me say this up front, I am not American. My father was, I am a direct descendent of the Mayflower and I have a direct line to the founding fathers BUT I am not today's American.

Seeing what the US of A is doing to this man-child Manning makes me not only angry but also fuels my already dim opinion view of the hypocrisy displayed by the USG. They are my client from time to time, they pay well but they are brutal when they claim gentle. It's time to call them out and hold them accountable.

Manning IS guilty of a crime, I think. Having said that, he is not deserving of being de-humanized to this extent. If the case against him and the charges (recently laid) can be proven, he deserves to be punished. BUT ONLY THEN.

Read the link below and judge for yourself.

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