Sunday, 30 January 2011

Lost in Transit - USA & Media

The graphic above says it all when it comes to the USA & it's media response to events unfolding in the Islamic world. Look closely and tell me where YOU think Egypt should be on the map....Look think back to grade 7 geography. 

After 8+ years of war, Billions of dollars, thousands of wounded or dead, and umpteen hours of broadcast, FOX News has misplaced managed to forget where Iraq is, misplaces Egypt and merrily presents the graphic above to millions of Americans as News? This is freudian I tell you. I mean how cosmically stupid are these people ? But that's not the scary part. The real scary thing is that this very type of information and reporting is being passed on a "news" to inform their US audience. Don't forget folks, this is the very same news network that employs Sarah Palin, is a favorite of the Republican party (Bush, Cheney who control their Congress and is watched by millions of Americans over their morning cups of coffee.

Now to be fair, there are plenty of good American journalists covering the events in Egypt and the rest of the region with fair and honest reporting but when you consider the lead in viewership that FOX holds, this is a scary breakdown.

Now moving on to the political side of things, we have the Obama Administration's pleas for "restraint" blah blah blah. As events have unfolded since Jan 25th they've tried to position themselves in the middle of the situation. Obama & Clinton have been urging "political reform and restraint" but have stopped at that. It would seem that they would rather Mubarak regained control and threw a few minor concessions at the people. But at the same time, we're being told that Obama has been pressing Mubarak hard for the last 2 years to enact these same no effect it seems. After 8 years of Bush AND 2+ years of Obama both asking/demanding/suggesting/cajoling for reform nothing is accomplished but 5 days of protest by the Egyptians themselves are forcing a regime change.

Seems like either the USA has no influence in spite of Billions of dollars spent OR the US hasn't really been trying very hard to influence change. You tell me. In the meantime, read this and make up your own mind.

My personal advice to CNN, FOX and the other media outlets. I know it's more work and is not always pleasant but.... you're in the news business, not the entertainment business. Put people on the ground and bring the audience you claim to serve the facts on the ground and provide some context so they can interpret things for themselves. If you are unable or unwilling to risk your own people, at the very least work with the other media outlets that are willing or get out of the business altogether. 


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