Saturday, 14 July 2007

June 16th 2007

Attended the wedding of some family friends almost a month ago.

What a blast and what a true reflection of exactly what a wedding should be. A celebration, not a formal "funeral like procession" where everyone dresses up like penguins or peacocks but instead where everyone is themselves (with a few beers added for company).

Held in a small resort in what has to be one of the most beautiful parts of this province I've ever been to. It was a sunset wedding, with the water glimmering, the ceremony genuine and the gathering simply sincere. Old friends, new ones and the couple radiant in their Mardi-Gras attire.

Such a departure from what I've been to in the past, and as I told the bride, best damn wedding I've been to...period....Plus, I am friends with both groom & bride and that it's nice to see people connect who SHOULD.

Lets lay the groundwork....
1. Set up the tent outside near the water where the theme was Mardis Gras. So beads, beer & an incredible sense of family amongst people who a few hours ago didn't know each other.

2. MANY beverages are consumed by all.

3. Fireworks (over an hour's worth) shot into the sky, the water, the tent & ultimately the crowd & cottages. Note to self: Alcohol, Explosives and a drunken crowd make for FANTASTIC memories. I loved that night!

4. Hangover morning. Recover from #3 above

5. Wedding Day !!
Ceremony held by a shimmering lake at sunset. Pics galore!
Dinner with a certain N'Oleans flair..Lotsa yummies with lotsa music, dancing, foolishness & friends

6. 7:00am: Coffee for the men who've signed up for golf (sunny & HOT)....Margarita's for the ladies in the sun (sunny, windy & HOT)

7. Golf over, I'm humiliated by coming in last but hey...(Greg..did I mention I'm actually getting better ?)

8. Teary goodbyes, but knowing we'll see eachother soon

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