Friday, 21 October 2005

Aide Says FEMA Ignored Warnings

Having just read an article in the Washington Post, I am somewhat dismayed at the general attitude of CYA in Washington. While I've always suspected that most bureaucrats & politicians are self serving scum, this has got to be the greatest confirmation....This week.

Apparently, during the height of the problems caused by Hurricane Katrina, a single FEMA staffer was frantically emailing his superiors giving them updates on the situation as it degraded.

Meanwhile, Mr. Brown (former FEMA head) was more concerned that he get a good table at a restaurant for his dinner.

Mr. Brown has claimed in sessions with the US Senate that he was recieving "conflicting reports" about the severity of the problems. That he didn't know the extent of the damage, wasn't being informed..etc..etc... And yet, apparently at the peak of the damage, there was only one FEMA staffer in New Orleans. Question: Who else was in a position to be offering him these conflicting reports ?

Looks like Brown is more interested in covering his own hide, blame the problems on others, and not do what even President Bush ultimately did (begrudgingly though)...and that was to accept responsibility. Granted, Bush was contrite and was merely responding to a public outcry and trying to forstall his declining public approval, but at least he stood up.

Mr. Brown instead demonstrated how inept he is an an administrator, and more to the point, demonstrated that he has the moral character of a slug !

Don't worry though, he'll probably be posted to another job where his remarkable skills can shine again....Like Saftey Manager at NASA maybe ?

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